How would I generate points in a straight line in a given direction, then align or snap or distribute those points along the normal of an object, and then use those points to distribute a second object. The farthest I got was to generate a mesh line, distribute that with a vertex group from the bottom, and then use an instance on points to distribute my second object. The issue is that I can't translate each of the the points from the mesh line to snap to the normal of the object I'm distributing on.

I understand that I can edit the mesh itself to create a bunch of vertices in a line, add them to a vertex group and use that as the selection input for an "Instance on Points" node. I want to recreate something similar without adding a ton of geometry, and that could ideally be used on different object.

I know this question is kinda confusing but I think the pictures will clarify.

enter image description here What I'm trying to accomplish, this was done by adding vertices to the actual mesh

enter image description here What I've managed with geo nodes

enter image description here My best efforts node setup


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If you want to keep it simple, just create a vertex group, convert it to a curve, and instantiate your objects along that curve.

Additionally, as seen here in this example, you can transfer the normals of the original faces/points and apply them as rotation when instantiating.

enter image description here

Note that the node Named Attribute is only available from Blender 3.2. If you use a lower version, then you would have to get the vertex group in via a Group Input!

(Blender 3.2)


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