I'm new to blender, so apologies if this is a fairly beginner question. I followed this tutorial ( https://youtu.be/vS1eDp3az5Y ) to make a crescent moon shape using bezier curves. Now, though, I want to UV Map an image texture on top of it, but I can't because there are no real verticies, it's just two bezier curves. Is there any way I can unwrap something like this?

enter image description here


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In recent version of Blender, you can use an automatically generated UV Map. You can modify the map's coordinates in the Properties Editor's Curve Properties tab; in the Texture Space panel:

properties editor showing texture space panel

Here is an example material where I just used the automatic map and a generated UV grid image:

sample material using the UV Map

and here is sample curve:

curve showing uv grid

You can read more about Texture Space in the manual.


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