I want to make an image plane appear with the following animation:

  1. image plane is invisible
  2. a pie slice of the plane becomes visible
  3. The pie slice increases so as to reveal more and more of the image plane in a clockwise (or anticlockwise) motion
  4. image plane is completely visible

Trying to come up with a clue I toyed around with the screw modifier, which does offer the animation I want, but then any image texture I apply to it is majorly deformed. I'd want to see the image as is.

How can this be done in Blender? Thanks in advance for any thoughts!


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Edit the material so you can animate a radial texture to drive the transparency. Set the Gradient to Radial for a clock wipe effect. Use a math node set to Snap to step through the reveal in segments instead of a continuous wipe.

Notice that in Eevee you must set the material's alpha type to blend or hashed.

Wipe with radial texture

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    $\begingroup$ Went with this solution in the end, because I could do the animation within a single object. Thanks for the answers! Learnt a lot from both $\endgroup$
    – MSDMMM
    Commented Jan 10, 2022 at 19:17

You could create a simple edge, give it a Screw modifier, and enable the Visibility > Holdout option so that it create a transparent mask in front of your image. Then enable the Render > Film > Transparent option:

enter image description here


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