I have an armature that I need to resize. When I scale it and apply the scale changes, all of the armature's associated poses/animations are ruined, because the position data for bones in the poses wasn't scaled with it. The way I understand it, poses work by storing data about a bone relative to the "rest pose" position of the bone's parent. It's this position data that doesn't change when the armature's size is changed, resulting in the pose being rendered unusable. If I scale the armature and don't apply the scale changes, everything works correctly; the armature is uniformly resized and all the poses/animations are preserved. But as soon as I control + a and apply the new scale, I end up with a crushed mess.

The armature, posed: The armature

The armature, after having been scaled, but without the scale applied: The armature, after having been scaled

After applying the scale: After applying the scale

Is there some way to make the pose data scale along with the armature (so that when a size change would be applied nothing would appear to change)? It seems like a very important thing, and that there should be some sort of "scale poses with armatures" option.

TL;DR: How do you scale an armature along with its associated poses/animations?

  • $\begingroup$ Parent everything to an empty. Scale the empty. $\endgroup$ – Bithur Feb 16 '15 at 12:42

You will have to scale the pose data's F-curves (you don't need to scale the armature and apply the scale then..):

  1. You need to have keys for scale and location for every bone
  2. Hide rotation f-curves for every bone (don't want to alter rotations)
  3. Set pivot to 2D Cursor and position the cursor so the Y is 0 and X is any frame:

    enter image description here

  4. Select all visible (A). S+Y to scale animations/poses in pose space. Tadaa!


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