How do I export a single animation in Blender in .fbx format? I have a model with a bunch of mesh+rig+animations+blendspaces, but just want the single animation to be exported not the whole setup.

So I was facing huge export (45 + mins) and import times (to UE5)(45 + mins) of a .fbx file in Blender 2.7->3.0, [Context: Hardware - AMD 5950x + GeForce 3090, Model - 100,000 vertices + 10 Materials, Blender 3.0 -> UE4/5 workflow] As I was exporting the whole mesh+rig+animations+blendspaces...

This guide (+ alittle help from a friend)helped me figure this out: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/603212/how-to-import-single-animation-made-in-blender.html it has all the info there, albeit alittle messy IMO, so i thought i would try to say it succinctly.

I hope this helps me remember and maybe someone out there.


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Lets start fresh. Object Mode(But you can be in Pose or whatever). Select nothing. Open up both the non linear editor, and the dopesheet-actioneditor:

Select the animation in the action_editor, enter image description here (on the DopeSheet make sure that all other NLA Rows are NOT selected by the checkbox.) enter image description here Press the "Push Down Action" Button. (If you are making multiple animations in one session, make sure that the you always make a new animation, or that your NLA Row is always at the the top of the currently selected rig's rows, as it appears to take the top of the stack.) enter image description here You should see see only just the animation that you want, and the rig selected in the NLA window. Don't need anything selected in the "Viewport", or in the "Outline tree Hierarchy". File->Export->.fbx Pick these settings: enter image description here (Scale & transform * bone alignment to your specifics, this is not a guide for that) (Make sure that "All Actions", and "NLA Strip" are unchecked!! Export.

For Unreal UE4/5 workflow. Make sure that you select your skeleton is selected in the import options, and I used default animation settings, no other import settings are applicable to this workflow guide. Import.


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