with the delay actuator I set up a "timer" that adds +1 every 60ticks to a "timer" property.

Now I want it to count backwards after it reaches 4 and, when it becomes 0, again goes up to 4 and so on and so on.

Has anybody an idea how to achieve this with logic bricks? Or is python neede? Thanks for every suggestions :)


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Logic bricks are best explained with an image :

logic brick for ZigZag timer

the basic idea is that instead of adding 1 to your “timer” you add an “increment” property. You then switch this "increment" to -1 when it reaches 4 and back to 1 (effectively +1) again when the “timer” value is back to 0

to switch the "increment" property from +1 to -1 I do some fancy math (inverting the value and doubling it)

For a simpler version, you could also do it with 2 separate logic flows like here:enter image description here


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