I want to import my character created in heroforge into blender to do some custom rendering.

I bought the Character as a Unity-Asset for 3D Tabletop Programs. As i a fairly noob in 3D modeling i followed the blender parts of this Guide https://www.reddit.com/r/talespire/comments/obx9tm/a_stepbystep_tutorial_to_get_your_hero_forge/ .

Textures extraced from the UnityPackage are:(texture_diffuse.png, texture_emissive.png, texture_metal.png, texture_normal.png, texture_occlusion.png)

The Diffuse Texture is mentioned in the guide and is reponsible for basic coloring, the others are not mentioned but should be relevant for light-reflection and surface details right?

This worked partly, what seems missing are some 'effects': What works: Mesh itself, basic coloring After experimenting and following some tutorials it seems that i got the normal map working. Rendering in Blender enter image description here Rendering from Heroforge enter image description here

So how do apply the other render effects and other things described in the Unity Package (it contains some kind of Material properties and some kind of armature i think) to recreate the rendering from heroforge?

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    $\begingroup$ Depending on the complexity it may not be possible to do it, Unity's shaders and Blender's shaders are not compatible. (unless written in OSL which I don't think it's going to be). It looks from the pictures that you're missing a metallic or specular or roughness map since it's mainly the reflections that differ $\endgroup$
    – Gorgious
    Dec 7, 2021 at 7:50

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After following some tutorials and doing research, i got a nearly identical render setup in blender.

  • texture_emissive.png: should obviously put into the Emission Input
  • texture_metal.png: Unity saves the the Metalness as greyscale in one Channel and Glossiness in the Alphachannel into one map, Glossiness should put inverted into the Roughness input
  • texture_normal.png: some Sources say Unity uses the same Format as Blender, other(older) sources say, the Red and Green Channel are inverted. i'm still not sure which one is correct
  • texture_occlusion.png: seems not used with realistic calculated lights

My node setup enter image description here

I may add some subsurface scattering to the skin which seems not present in the orignial model. (thanks to the Donut tutorial for this info)


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