Just installed 3.0 and was testing out cycles for the new speed bump.

I have a 12 thread machine and it only uses one bucket/tile for rendering. I have set the size of the tile to 64x64px which is my optimal default and ticked "use tiling".

I still haven't gotten rid of version 2.92, which does the multi-tile rendering using 12 tiles simultaneously.

Below is an image of rendering in 3.0 where it uses one bucket . This is on CPU mode, and GPU mode also gives the same one bucket result. Is there any way to remedy this or is this a purposeful feature for speed where all power is concentrated on 1 tile?

Blender 3.0 rendering


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Disable Tiling. It no longer gives speed advantages actualy it will be slower (exept in special cases - this one for example). It is in since it can help if you run into memory Issues.

With CyclesX there are improved algorithms that decide automaticly and more fine grain where to render how mutch, and dont waste render time on already converged areas. This allows for a more user centered approach letting you decide in genereal how noisy of an image or how mutch rendertime is okay for you - instead of fiddeling with numbers and see wat comes out and retry if it wasn't okay.


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