Blender 2.93 I have this cat ear, and i want the light to go through it until it hits the front face, the material is subsurface scattering and i enabled Subsurface translucency in material, but the light wont go through it until the front face.

enter image description here enter image description here

enter image description here


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Your cat ear has a height of 14 meters. If you had a real mount of flesh that size, there wouldn't scatter much light through it either. So make it smaller to have it more real-life scale or change the value for Subsurface to something higher. The slider won't go higher than 1, but you can enter a value manually. Here's an example with Subsurface = 10:

subsurface translucency

By the way, that size is also the reason you have to set your point light to such a ridiculously high strength of 90950 W. If the ear was 0.14 m instead of 14 m and the light in the same relation 0.1 m away from it instead of 10 m, it would like pierce through it and make it glow bright white ;)


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