Sorry if that's not the exact terms, I'm kinda new here.

My goal is to make this kind of background where you can have one image per axis. I used to know it (these images are from one of my project) but I totally forgot and can't find the solution again.

Background1 Background2



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You create a single background image by creating an Empty -> Image -> Background:

Menu for creating a background image

Once selected, the file browser will pop up allowing you to select that image.

By default, the image is created perpendicular to your view, so to create three background images that match the axis,

  1. Pick a viewpoint from Top, Front, or Left
  2. Use the add menu to create the image empty.

Repeat this for each viewpoint. For each view, if you want the image only visible from that view, go to the Image properties in the property editor and select Orthographic and Only Axis Aligned:

Image properties orthographic and only axis aligned selected

It is typical to move the images along their axis so that they are behind the objects you are editing when they are in view.


I forgot to mention that I use Blender 2.76.

I found the solution:

  1. Press N (View -> Properties)
  2. If the new window is all empty, scroll up
  3. Check Background Images
  4. Click on Add Image
  5. Select your image and select the axis you want

Then repeat steps 4 and 5 for each axis you need to have a background on.


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