I am attempting to bake a normal map from a high poly to low ply model. I've unwrapped the low poly and I've checked selected to active. For some reason all I am getting is the yellow and green artifacts with ZERO proper normal mapping.

Here is the low poly model

Here is the high poly model

Here are the Normal Bake settings

And here is the normal map result

I've tried adjusting the Max Ray Distance and extrusion. I am selecting the high poly THEN the low so it is baking from selected to active correctly. I'm going nuts. Any thoughts, tips or ideas would be HUGELY appreciated.


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Put the Extrusion at 0.1 and the Max Ray Distance at 0. Now you still can't bake anything because the ray doesn't hit any surface as the faces that need to be baked are currently either perpendicular or parallel to the baking faces. Baking the normals save the normals of the faces, i.e. their direction, if the faces are perpendicular or parallel to the ray, nothing will be baked. To be able to bake something you need to tilt the faces a bit, for example you won't be able to bake this, but you'll be able to bake this:

enter image description here

enter image description here


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