I recently wrote a script for batch exporting OBJ files. The problem is that for every export option I had to create a Custom property to "feed" the bpy.ops.export_scene.obj() in order to expose the option in a UI. I tried to, but didn't find a way to directly get the original props that are inside the __init__.py file in the io_scene_obj. Is there a way to get these directly instead of having to copy all of them just to feed the operation?

[What I tried]

I tried copying the way they do it inside the file, but they're using a parent operator and directly inheriting using context.space_data.active_operator

I tried searching for the custom props somewhere inside Blender (like bpy.ops..../bpy.data....)

I tried importing the modules directly from the folder, but again, I can't access the Custom Props inside the module

So, any ideas? Thanks!



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