Let's say I want to snap the cursor to the face of the cube moving only along the X axis from the origin, preserving its Y and Z.

cursor move on cube example

It looks like all I need is to enable "snap to face", activate "constraint to X axis" and move the cursor with the "shift-RMB" towards the cube's face. However, it does not work, because the cursor first "sets" to the point where I first click and only after that when I "tweak" the mouse the "axis constraint" can be applied which does not make any sense, because I have no way (?) to somehow align/snap that first click.

axis constrain failed

I found that if I disable the "set cursor" command in the "keymap"


it kind of works: although the cursor moves somewhat strange I can correctly constrain it to the axis and achive correct positioning.

axis constrained successfully

I am wondering is there a standard/official way to move 3d cursor with axis constraint in default configuration?

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    $\begingroup$ Go into edit mode and select that face, then use SHIFT-S > Cursor to selected. You can do the same with edges and vertexes. $\endgroup$
    – John Eason
    Nov 12, 2021 at 10:14

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This was a good question.

You can use axis constraints with the 3D cursor. Select the 3D cursor icon on the toolbar to your left.(shift+spacebar) Then when you move the 3d cursor, you can use normal axis constraints by pressing X, Y, or Z as you are moving it.

enter image description here

If you are unsatisfied with this go to the sidebar and choose "View" and then "3D Cursor". You can enter numeric values in XYZ for the cursor's location.

enter image description here

Of course you can also position your cursor with the wheel menu , as a previous commentator said, refer to his answer.


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