I have recently been using the various commands for the Ctrl+F11 (Play Rendered Animation) window, and it's great. However I have noticed that pressing the key will keep cycling through the rendered frames, and that pressing the key (reverse) will result in the playback stopping at the first frame (0001).

Is it possible to change this behavior? And if not, does anybody know why it is set up this way?


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When playing in build-in player, you can hold LMB then drag towards left / right for manual scrubbing. Some other commonly-used features:

  • P to toggle ping-pong mode.
  • 0 to toggle loop.
  • Enter to start playing when paused.
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Although it is not possible to do this using the arrow keys, there is a way to do it.

  • ⇧ Shift+ use backward playback.
  • ⇧ Shift+ use forward playback.

Using these key commands you can toggle between forwards and backwards playback.

See also the manual.


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