I am trying to use the Blender Python API, bpy and I would like to import an Autocad DXF file. However, I cannot the find the way to do this properly.

How can I import a DXF file in python script?


What lines of python code should I write to import a DXF file?

Thanks in advance

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This is quite old and I haven't seen an answer on the site. I've stumbled over this myself, so here is a possible solution (if this is a dupe, please let me know)

First, install the Autocad add-on Go to: Edit > Preferences > Add-ons > type "auto" in the search bar > check the relevant add-ons (install if needed) enter image description here

Afterwards, you will be both able to load .dxf file manually and thru Python API

For manual upload go to: File > Import > AutoCad DXF

enter image description here

Or for the Python API simply

import bpy
bpy.ops.import_scene.dxf(filepath = "path/to/your/file.dxf")

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