I made this scene in blender following a youtube tutorial:

As you see there are lots of planes, this is grass, which was a Particle System before but I decided to convert it to mesh in order to export it (before converting it was not exporting). Now, after converting the grass to mesh, I see that the grass material is not present in the GLTF viewer model.

This is how the textures should be:


Material view:

And this is how it looks in the browser:

https://gltf-viewer.donmccurdy.com/ :

The white cube in the middle is a cube that I made to see what was the problem; I assigned to it the same material that the grass and it doesn't show up either in the browser with three.js

Blend file link:



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The grass uses a procedural texture (Noise Texture node). You can't export procedural textures. All the nodes work only inside of Blender. You need an image texture.

The use of the Principled BSDF just tells the exporter which standard slots are used (diffuse, normal, roughness, metal, etc) and which image textures are assigned.

If you want to export a procedural texture to a game engine or external 3D viewer then you need to bake the texture to an image.

gtlf-viewer (The texture of the bridge was not included in your blend file and I was lazy and applied the modifiers to only one floating rock.)


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