I am exporting textures from substance to blender in a uv tile layout (1001-1005). How do I set each texture to each uv tile? I tried connecting the textures using the node wrangler but it only placed one image texture. (I've included a picture of what this, it only used the strap texture).

Ive also included pictures of the uv layout in blender and substance as well as what the texture looks like in substance.

I need to know how to connected each uv tile texture form substance(height, normals, etc.) to each tile in blender. enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here


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The image files of the tiles must be numbered. E.g. Body Diffuse.1001.png, Body Diffuse.1002.png, ....

In the Shader Editor, switch the Source (4th combobox) of the Image Texture node from Single Image (default) to UDIM Tiles to use the images as texture.

enter image description here

In the Image Editor, select the image, open the N-panel, choose the Image tab. Make sure Source is UDIM Tiles. Then you will find above the section UDIM Tiles where you can manage the tiles.

UDIM Tiles in Image Editor


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