When i see my model in blender (both solid mode and rendered mode) it appears with no problem, But when i export it (fbx obj or dae) it has some kind of deformation.

More info :

  • I have no texture (only assigned materials to faces)
  • I did not used any other workspace other than layout(default workspace)
  • I did not used any other mode other than edit mode and object mode.
  • I did not used any modifiers on this model
  • There are no other models in this scene(not even hided ones)
  • I checked for overlapping faces there are none.
  • There are 1397 vertices and 2790 triangles



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Thanks to kind OpenVFX : The Blender Community member AmyLynx#7602 we have solved the problem.

The main problem was i have had so much vertices on individual faces. Solved with Triangulate Modifier.

  • Before : Before

  • After : After


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