I have modelled a cupcake on which I would like to add different styles of wrappers. I tried texture painting on them. But the result was not satisfactory. How do I use custom images on my wrapper or texture paint the polka pattern?

This is the modelled cupcake on which I would like to have the below looks: CupcakeModel

This is the cupcakeModel

The polka dot (Tried texture painting in blender) polka Pattern

Or use a custom image like this one The custom Image

I would appreciate any help/ links to follow. Thanks !


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Here is what a Cylinder Projection unwrap gives, so you can easily paint on an image in the Image Editor or project a custom image:

enter image description here

If you want to paint in the 3D view, create a cylinder (that has a bit larger radius as folds tend to shrink the radius of the object) and paint on it, then use the result on your object.


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