I have this project ongoing where I have a 3D based scene, with grease pencil painted on it to make outlines and add details with a "hand drawn" effect. The scene looks like that :

enter image description here

All the details on the facade (stains, papers, bricks) are drawn in grease pencil objects, some of them are only lines and some of them are filled with the fill tool.

My issue is the following. When I change the lighting (Nishita sky with sun disk option, no other lighting source / Cycle renderer), this happens :

enter image description here

None of the grease pencil objects is influenced by the scene lighting anymore, even if they did have shadows on them before (see the first picture, the shadow of the gutter on the wall-stain).

I have checked for solutions on this website and nothing seems to work for me :

  • "Use light" is checked on all my grease pencil objects
  • In the grease pencil objects parameters I have nothing called "lighting" in the visibility pannel, like I'm supposed to according to some answers. The option is not where it is supposed to be...
  • My grease pencils objects have the simplest material, only an outline and a fill, with default parameters.
  • Everything is set up correctly in the 3D space, the grease pencil is slightly away from the wall.

enter image description here enter image description here

I'm out of ideas... Thank you very much,

(I'm using 2.935)


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