I am trying to make a canopy for a plane / space fighter (you know, something like thisenter image description here) and I am struggling to get the basic shape right. My latest attempt was using two paths: enter image description here

These map out the basic shape, but I still need to connect them in a cylindrical shape. Is that possible and am I going about it (-> the making of the canopy) about the right way or is there a better alternative?


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  • Join the curves into one mesh object (I started with 2 separate curves)
  • make sure top profile and side profile have the same amount of vertices before the next step
  • TAB to enter Edit mode, A to select all, CTRL+E > Bridge Edge Loops
  • play around with the settings, in my crude example I just changed the number of cuts and changed Interpolation to Blend Path
  • add mirror modifier with Merge on

enter image description here


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