I would say about only 50% of my keyboard shortcuts are working. I'm on a Mac running 10.13.6. I can't seem to find the version of Blender I am using, but I've downloaded it within the last month. I can't find anywhere in preferences to assigned hotkeys. Any suggestions?

Bill Shortridge Sebastopol, CA

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If you click on the Blender logo in the menu bar, to the right of the File menu and select Splash Screen, it will tell you the version in the splash screen.

How to find splash screen

It should also tell you the version in the lower left corner of the Blender window. If it's not visible, right click there and enable Blender Version in the popup.

How to show splashscreen in the footer

Keyboard shortcuts are under keymap in the preferences.

Preferences showing keymap

To set a shortcut, search for the command by name in the search bar, find the command in the list, and select an existing shortcut to replace. Click on the shortcut and key in the replacement.

It's also possible to change short cuts using the right mouse menu:

  • hover over a menu entry or other item that can have a shortcut.
  • right click
  • select Assign Shortcut

right click to bring up shortcut setting tools


As a Mac user i used this:

enter image description here

Go to preferences (shortcut: COMMAND , while the cursor is in the 3d viewport), click on input and check

  • emulate numpad (if you don't have one)
  • emulate 3 button mouse (if you don't have one)

This should solve some shortcut problems which includes numbers.

If you still have problems you can search in keymap for other shortcuts and change them as you like.

If still a shortcut does not work, let us know.

It would be good if you would have given us an example which specific shortcut won't work for you so we could give you a more specific help.


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