Hi, I'm using Blender 2.93. I have footage shot in a green screen that's been chroma keyed, and imported into blender with Images As Planes. It imports and plays fine.

But volumetric lighting doesn't show through the green screen parts of the footage on the windows (left and right), though does with the lighting in front of the door. Notice in the image below how it cuts off on the right window, even though the only green screen object is in the center of the footage... Yet everything else works as it should: I can see other objects through the green screen, just not the lighting on the left / right windows.

blender green screen image lighting cut off problem

If it helps, the green screen footage I imported came from DaVinci Resolve, MOV file, GoPro CineForm RGB-16 bit codec, Alpha export on, Alpha mode straight, quality best.

Why isn't this working as I'd expect?

And if anyone knows of a good VFX course / tutorial, I'd love to know it. I've already taken a few, but they've been very lacking on green screen and VFX info like I'm asking.




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