I am trying to pull apart an object which is 'linked' to a 'parent' via animation. I cannot seem to select the 'dotted black line' joining the object to it's 'parent' and when I select the animation in the node and delete it the object is also removed. I have also tried 'separation' (press P) which I cannot get to work. Is there a way and if so how do I do it? Refer screen image below - red arrow is pointing to the dotted black line (hard to see).enter image description here Thanks

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    $\begingroup$ 'P' is to Parent. ALT-P to unparent. The dotted black line is purely a gizmo showing the link, not something you can click on to select! $\endgroup$
    – John Eason
    Oct 16 '21 at 8:37
  • $\begingroup$ Thanks John. Silly me never gave it a thought to look up 'parent' (in the manual) I just thought of the word (parent) to ensure the reader understood what I mean. And I used 'clear and keep transformation' so that the objects didn't 'jump' to another position. Can't remember how to close this as 'solved' $\endgroup$ Oct 16 '21 at 10:04

P parents an object. Alt-P unparents it.

You can remove the dotted relationship lines from the viewport by unchecking the option in the Overlays menu if you wish:

enter image description here


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