After reading the long list of shortcuts in blender I don't see it.


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There isn't one. You need to toggle a setting in Viewport Overlays.

But you can create one, or add a Quick Menu entry.

The 3D Cursor is an overlay If you open the overlay menu in the 3D Viewport header you can find that it has a checkbox.

Overlay menu showing 3D cursor

If you right click while you are hovering over it, a popup menu appears that allows you to set the shortcut:

Popup menu for setting short cut

or you can add it to your quick favorite menu if you don't want to tie a key sequence to it. The short cut for bringing up the Quick Favorite popup menu is Q Here's mine with only Show 3D Cursor as an entry

Quick favorites menu

Note: If you assign a shortcut key that is already assigned, Blender will quietly make the assignment, but the existing assignment will override and your shortcut won't work. This is why I use the quick menu for things like this.


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