I'm fairly new to Blender so I'm sure this is a dumb question-

I am trying to create a house layout with holes for my doors. If you see the image below, I have the walls, with cubes for the door holes as separate objects. Layout

However, if I apply a Boolean modifier to the walls with the Difference operation and the object being the Door holes, I get the below results: boolean modifier

The below happens with the opposite (Boolean applied to the doorholes with Walls as the object): vice versa

As you can see, the door frames are exposed but there's still a chunk of wall in between the door. This is the ideal result I'm looking for (it works for this door only). Note the window I have in the door.

ideal result

This is what the other doors get with the boolean. The front sides are exposed but there's still wall inside the doors.

sad day door rotated

I appreciate whatever help I can get here. I have verified the following:

  • There is no duplicate geometry
  • Normals are all facing the proper direction

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I was using an old version of blender (2.83).

Updating to 9.23 and then selecting "Hole Tolerant" within the Boolean solver options fixed my issue.


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