I would like to build animations based on 2 scenarios that pull data into Blender from SQLite, MongoDB or MySQL database.

One scenario where a bit of text data would become a simple text object would be a movie post credit roll animation. In this case, numerical data from an external file would control the size, radius or constraint controls of objects in the animation.

How can I get information from an external file and use that to control properties (sometimes animated) of various objects?


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Your question comprises 3 different topics:

  1. How to query for data in a backend (SQLite or whatever)
  2. How to do that with Python (database drivers / libraries)
  3. How to create animations in Blender programmatically

There's a brief introduction for the latter in the API docs - Animation - and plenty of questions and threads here and on blenderartists.org.

For 1., please refer to the database system's documentation and help channels.

For 2., google and also read about using 3rd party Python modules in Blender.


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