So I'm fairly new to blender and still learning the essentials.

Is there any way to stick a soft body to a moving surface? The portion of my project I'm stuck on has a rotating disk that the soft body is supposed to land on then move down an assembly line. But currently the soft body crushes upon impact and flies off because of the motion. Any Ideas?


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If the model collapses you need to increase the [X] Edges > Bending value and try [X] Stiffness in the Physics Properties > Softbody section.

At the beginning of the Softbody settings, you will also find Object > Friction and Object > Mass. They influence the inertia of the object and whether the object has enough grip and is moved along or slides on the spot. But the Friction also slows down/damps the fall.

There is also a Softbody & Cloth > Friction value in the Collision settings for the plane. It works well in Cloth simulations but I could not see any effects in my Softbody example. The documentation only mentions cloth for this Friction value.

Last but not least, you can use a Force Field with a negative strength to attract the object and hold it in place.

The settings depend on the size and geometry of your model, the height of the fall, and on the rotation speed.

Example with the default cube:

example animation

The Forcefield is parented to the plane. There are keyframes for the strength (-5) of the forcefield so it is activated at frame 40 when the cube hits the plane. (Otherwise, it would immediately attract and crush the cube.)

The cube is 2 times subdivided. Softbody > Object > Friction is 1.0 and Mass is 0.5 kg. The value of Bending is 2.5. The plane rotates 1200° over 250 frames.


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