I am new to Blender, and am trying to make a physics sandbox.

My approach is to use rigidbodies that are attracted by force fields to form materials and structures.

My original approach to achieving this was to use force fields; however, force fields appear to not work on rigidbodies; two rigidbody force field generators fail to react to one another even when the strength is set to 100.

Edit: I tried with -1000 strength and 0.001lg mass, and it still does nothing except fall!

I then tried with softbodies. However, they crumple with seemingly no resistance, and this is not acceptable.

How do I get (fairly) rigid bodies to attract to one another?

EDIT: Here is the Blend file. Hosted for 20 days.


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For Rigid body, visit the Scene properties, Rigid Body World, and select the Collection that contains your force field. Oddly -- whereas most blender physics will apply forces from ALL Collections if no specific Collection is specified -- Rigid Body World wants to ignore things unless you specify a collection:

enter image description here

Welcome to the blender world of sometimes un-intuitive workflow, Abdullah!

Here's an example with cube (mesh) and Icosphere (Convex Hull)

  • $\begingroup$ It worked with a mesh cube, but didn't work with mesh icosphere. it also didn't work for either of the convex hulls. $\endgroup$
    – Abdullah
    Sep 24, 2021 at 5:40
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ I've tried with an icospehere and with convex hull. I'm going to edit my above answer to include and you can download and compare my settings. $\endgroup$
    – james_t
    Sep 24, 2021 at 16:44
  • $\begingroup$ Thank you. Now it works. Though I press the accept button with some misgiving, because this has decreased my confidence in force fields. $\endgroup$
    – Abdullah
    Sep 24, 2021 at 18:01
  • $\begingroup$ @Abdullah -- welcome to Blender world, which -- along with 3ds Max -- leaves one pulling their hair, throwing salt over shoulder. "Arcane"! Example: this does not work the same way for Cloth fields! $\endgroup$
    – james_t
    Sep 24, 2021 at 18:23

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