Is there a way to align or adjust the alignment of instanced objects on a particle system? For example, looking through the y-axis, the objects are slightly misaligned.

looking through y-axis

It gets worst if you look through the x-axis:

looking through x-axis

And this is my instanced object:

instanced object

it has an equal length on the x and y-axis.

Here's the blend file I use for testing:

EDIT: I found the source of my "misalignment", I forgot that rotating the object would do that, so when I reverted the object and reset to all zeroes, it looks better now. 🤷‍♀️

aligned after resetting rotation


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I have realised my mistake and here's the answer.

I rotated the object which caused the misalignment. So to get the desired effect I wanted, I "applied" the rotation by pressing Ctrl-A and selecting the rotation to make it zero again. then the instanced object aligned properly again.

corrected image

Here's the test file

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