For a bit of context for what I'm stuck on: I'm working on an original anime/toon shader for skin. It takes the base texture colour and applies a colorramp-ed shadow from a principled bsdf shader with multiply, so I get full control of shadow colour. This is working great so far. (Ignore the unfinished hair on my zombie nurse girl. lol)


With light vs no light, it's pretty subtle.

node setup

Node setup.

The issue is I'm struggling to do a similar thing for specular. I want to add some small specular highlights in their own setup so I can control colour and not have any subtle lighting affect my toon shaded character.

I've made a roughness map with targeted on a few areas (lips, nose, cheek, etc....) This would work great on a regular BSDF setup, but I run into a few issues.

image with issues circled

When applied with the nodes as above, the shader bleaches out parts of the model (The eyeliner must be kept dark.) There should be no specular on the eyeliner so I believe this is being caused by the lighting on the shader reacting to the lighting. I want to remove this.

Is there a way to apply ONLY the specular highlights from this shader? Or a better shader to use, which doesn't react to lighting in any other way? With the shadow setup, it was simple as I only allowed it to darken the model with multiply.

(Additionally I'd also like to add a colorramp to toon-ify the specular dots but hopefully this will fit in later.)

TLDR: Eevee node setup to apply JUST specular light dots over another shader?



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