I am fixing bugs in Motion capture and there is a nice feature in Maya called Zero-Key which adds keyframe for selected objects to remove the additive layers offset. It sounds confusing I guess. In other words when I change the influence of the layer to zero the offsets are gone so If I want to keep this pose and apply it to my additive animation layer what should I do? Zero keys let you define a point in time where you want the layer’s animation to have no offset from the original animation. https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/maya/learn-explore/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2018/ENU/Maya-Animation/files/GUID-89535329-63E3-4CCA-AD1D-7AB27B2B59B9-htm.html#:~:text=Zero%20keys%20let%20you%20define,animation%20to%20start%20and%20end.


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