With reference of the answer

I tried to scale 1/1000. But the M6 screw does not fit in the 6mm hole.

enter image description here

Whats going wrong or how can i fix. So the screw and bolt fix in the hole with accurate measurement



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Two things are not right :

1: In your Video it shows that you have Added a M3 bolt instead of a M6. enter image description here

2: The diameter of the hole is way to big (9mm). Note that the diameter of the bolt in the image below is after applying the scale. enter image description here

The "fix" is, when adding the bolt choose the correct size from the Operator Presets options : enter image description here

......and correct the hole size in the model.

You can check dimensions in edit mode by enabling the Measurement option from the Overlays drop-down menu. Very important is to first Apply Scale in Object mode. ( Ctrl+A to open the Apply menu then choose the Scale option ). enter image description here


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