coming back after years of not doing anything with blender. I cant remember the last version I used. Right now I'm on 2.8 and I have been modeling an apartment and duplicating the walls with Shift + D to speed up my workflow.

Something doesn't make sense. When I use the select tool, some objects aren't selected. But when I click on one origin, they all get selected. What is going on? Unlinking deletes the object. Make Single User doesn't do anything. Nothing is parented to anything, and I didn't group anything.

cant select this

So here I'm trying to select anything in the red circle and nothing happens.

this selects everything

And then here when I click that origin, everything gets selected.


And here is my hierarchy


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Well I'm a dummy. All the origins were in the same spot where I duplicated from the first wall. I clicked on all my objects and set the origins to geometry.


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