I have such mechanism. В1 detail is fixed and always in the same place. В4 detail always in parallel to В1 but can change location. I created all details, now I need to make them movable only in the borders of where they physically can move.

What I managed to make work:

  • blocked location change for В1
  • created tow В1 child to В7 (not sure if it necessary)
  • created two В2 child of В10
  • made rotation of B2 only in one axis depending on center of B7

What I didn't solve (need help)

  • when B2 details rotate I need В3 to follow them and "stick" to exact points of B2 as it shown on picture
  • same with В6, В8, В9, В4
  • at the same time В4 should always stay in parallel to В1

Any tutorials, keywords or advices for these?

(not sure about tags, selected first one)

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ advice: i would search for rig tutorials. Maybe with keyword mechanical rigging $\endgroup$
    – John MC
    Sep 8 '21 at 14:18

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