First of all, thank you for the help - This issue has got me stumped. I've searched all over the forum and have seen lots of issues, but none that seemingly match mine.

Summary - Curve modifier works fine when curve is flat along the Z axis, but as soon as I move a vertice in the Z axis, it destroys the mesh.

Blender File - Blender file

mesh looks fine with array and curve modifier

As soon as I move the vertice in the Z axis, it ruins the mesh

Moving curve vertice on Z axis ruins the mesh

I'm not sure what's causing this. I've;

  • Applied transforms on 'road'
  • Have not applied transforms on the curves - that seems to make things worse
  • Have centered the origin to the exact same spot, at world 0,0,0

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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I cannot see how to remove the post, but I've found the answer to my question - I needed to go into the 'item' in edit mode and reduce the mean radius back to 1 after the transforms had been applied in object mode.

Mean radius fix


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