side by side view of the UV Unwrap and Smart UV Project showing the unwrapping problem.

UVs on this simple model are pretty messed up and I can't figure out what has happened, does this look familiar?

What are those red highlighted verts?

Note: I have successfully textured other models with no trouble making appropriate seams + unwrapping, Just seems to be a problem with this particular model. Assume I have borked it somehow while editing.

  • What I have tried: Thinking it may be that some surfaces are duplicated and lying on top of each other, I have merged verts by distance.
  • Deleted some faces to see if they are connected.
  • Added seams, makes little difference.
  • Checked that normals are the right way round.

Any ideas welcome.

.blend file here:

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There don't appear to be any seams marked on the model, so I'm amazed that either unwrap or smart unwrap have unwrapped at all.

The red vertices are pinned. Because they're pinned, you are seeing the UV Unwraps that you are. You need to select all of the Red marked vertices with ShiftP in the UV Editor and unpin with ALTP.

Once you've done that you should be able to work as normal.


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