I have a model which was constructed from individual triangles. I'd like to 'weld' the triangles into a mesh. Ultimatley, I'd like to weld them into contiguous parts, but if I could at least weld them into one mesh, I could theoretically separate by loose parts (right?). I really don't want to go through each group of coincident vertices, or edges, one by one. Is there a quick way to do this? enter image description here

In this image, each of those faces is a separate face within the same mesh. I'd like to weld each set of coincident vertices in-place, so to speak, resulting in a nice minimal mesh, in this case resulting in 4 flared cone objects.


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In Edit mode for one one your "witches hats" Enter edit mode

Press a to select all, or use the method of your choice to select ALL the verts around the figure. Notice 64 verts, 4 for each of 16 faces. Select all

Press m for merge verts. Choose "By Distance" Merge verts

There are now only 17 verts. Note the dialog that allows you to choose how close verts have to be to be merges. /me mumbles about floating point rounding errors... Fini

When you've merged all the "witches hats" you can select them all in object mode and then press j to join the objects to a single mesh.


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