I need to render images maintaining its original colors.

Here you can see the png (with transparent background) image on the project enter image description here

Here a frame of the output: enter image description here

Here the packed .blend file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rdJcS2ETgy_hzEIbrSRvXuCSXu8I4zz1/view?usp=sharing

Other infos

  • I'm using blender 2.83
  • The rendering engine is set to eevee (film: transparent).
  • There is a sun (color white, strength and specular 1.000, angle 0°, no shadows)
  • There is a .png image (with transparency and material properties → settings → blend mode "alpha blend" and shadows mode "none") with followings nodes: enter image description here



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When I open the file, I can see that you are in Material Preview mode. Material Preview mode gives you a preview but don't take your world and light setups into account, so the render won't look like what you currently see, you'd better switch to Rendered Preview to have a better idea of what you'll see as final result.

Also in the Render panel > Color Management > View Transform, you're in Filmic mode, it will make a rather pale render, switch to another mode, like Standard, if you want something closer to your original picture, unless you have good reasons to be in Filmic, of course.

At last, in Rendered Preview mode, you'll find that your image is still rather pale, it's because your sun has a Strength value of only 1. You can either increase it up to about 4, or plug your Image Texture into an Emission node, and mix it with a Transparent node (maybe it's possible to use the Emission of the Principled BSDF but anyway my setup works). With Emission, your image in the 3D scene will look exactly as it is:

enter image description here

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To make sure the rendered version of a texture has the same color as the texture file, in the Shading tab, connect the texture output to the Material Output node without a shader.

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