Backstory: I have a couple of .blend files that share a single python plugin that provides a custom operator that renders them. I also have a wrapper script that I run blender with that calls that operator, like this:

# wrapper.py
import bpy

then execute blender like this:

blender "$1.blend" --background --python wrapper.py

Each .blend file has the python plugin as an external text block that is automatically registered on startup.
My problem that when I edit the plugin file blender don't update it's copy. If I were opening the GUI I would would open the text block and go to Text->Reload (or ALT-R), but I can't do that when rendering from the command line.
I need a way to reload all the text blocks from python, so I could put that in wrapper.py before calling my operator. I couldn't find a function to do that, although bpy.ops.text.resolve_confit() looks close.


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Auto-run text blocks execute before --python code, so nothing you put in wrapper.py will be able to reload the text block before the text gets auto-run.

I would disable auto-run (-Y) and either execute your file with exec in wrapper.py, or (better) just install it as a regular addon.


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