I've made a static model of a mannequin to do some tests.
My problem is that whenever I scale a part of the model, or the entire mesh, then every time I move the time-line a bit (or Alt middle mouse. I'm used to zooming that way from maya) the scaled meshes return to previous scale, along individual centers.

Here's a image sample of the problem:
1 Before the scale imaged

2 After the scale (note the time-line) enter image description here
3 After moving the time-line* enter image description here

This effect would also happen if I'd scale the mesh, and then export it as a FBX (without moving the time-line).

I've tried to apply the scale onto the model. In effect the elements of the model get incredibly small, when the time-line moves/I export it.

I would be very grateful for any help with this issue.

*I know it wasn't exactly by 5. My mistake. But it's visible that the current time has changed.


You have part of your mesh animated. When you move the frame, it displays the current transformation of the keyframe with animation.

enter image description here

                                  Animated Frame         Current Frame

You can fix this by going into the dope sheet, the NLA editor, or the Graph editor And delete the unwanted animation enter image description here

          You can click here to delete                      You can also select all the

          the animation for that object.                   keyframes here and delete them.

You can keep the transformation without deleting the previous keyframe by adding a new one and animating the transformation.


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