Follow-up of this question How would I be able to control the falloff of a node setup like this?

My node setup Currently, This does this:

enter image description here

I want to be able to control the falloff of a thing like this. how would I be able to do this? Thanks!


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To obtain a falloff, you need some function of distance from Falloff Center, which is 1 when the distance is 0, and 0 when the distance is Falloff Radius. A Map Range node can do this for you, and clamp its output to 0 for anything beyond the radius.

enter image description here


  • The vector from the controlling Empty (the falloff center) to the vertex position, is stashed as e->p
  • The distance between them, as p<->e
  • and the range of that distance 0 -> Falloff Radius is mapped to 1 -> 0

The effect that's being faded, here, is the movement of vertices away from the Empty (i.e. movement along e->p). Now we have a 0 -> 1 falloff, we can multiply that vector by a scale of the falloff, and add it to the position...

enter image description here

Above, Falloff is also raised to a power, to provide some option in falloff's curve. You could get more control by using an Attribute Curve Map node instead of the Power, but I haven't found a way to present that curve to the user in the GN modifier.

enter image description here

This gif shows change in Radius.

enter image description here

This one, Power, and Scale.

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