I try to create a dashed arrow in Grease Pencil. I had limited success with a custom texture (rectangle with two squares, one in a color, the other transparent). My first trial was with Line type square, but that didn't work. However, now I need to add a solid fill arrow point, that preferably should rotate together with the arrow shaft.

Any suggestions?

enter image description here


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In Blender 3.0.0 you can use the Dot Dash Modifier on a Grease Pencil object.

It works by toggling the visibility of points/segments along strokes, so you may need to subdivide your strokes to get enough points. Or dissolve some points to reduce the count if your points are too dense.

Screenshot of Blender 3.0.0 showing a GreasePencil object in Edit mode with a Dot Dash modifier applied


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