I have been working on copying a Laurence Esnol painting for about 1 week now and for whatever reason the erase tool has stopped working. I'm drawing the face of an adult female, I remember having to redraw it due to having too few layers assigned(the lines layer doubled as my sketch layer), the erase tool still seems to work when I draw single strokes as well as for the top half of the face, but when I attempt to erase inaccuracies at the chin it doesn't work.

SPECS: HP 255 G6 Notebook

AMD A6-9220 RADEON R4,5 w/ 2 compute cores 2c+3g @2.5GHz

8 GB of RAM


  • $\begingroup$ Can you add more detail, especially your actual blend file? There's not enough information here to allow us to answer. $\endgroup$ Jul 27 at 16:41

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