I've just started using Blender. I'm trying to extrude drawings coming from an SVG file, such as the screenshot, to make stamp type of parts. The main issue is the holes. I've tried selecting each curve, then turning it into a mesh, fill it, extrude. Then do the same with the internal curves, and finally do a Boolean subtract of the extrusions. There are 2 problems I'm facing, one is that some Booleans only work when the extrusion is in the positive (or negative) direction, for some reason. And the other is that it's a very time consuming process and for the more complex parts (see the grapes section), it takes a while to process. I figured I'd be able to do the boolean on the surface before extrusion, but that doesn't work.

Finally, the extrusion should ideally be with an angle, instead of 90º, I guess with the scale tool this is easily done, but if there's a way to define a specific angle I'd be interested to know.

Thanks enter image description here



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