I'm using Blender to create drawing practices for myself, where I place two points on the screen and use the grease pencil to connect them. I then save the XY coordinates to an SQL database and will be visualizing them to see where I consistently get errors and come up with ways to deliberately practice drawing that line without the error. One problem, though, is that some errors are caused by drawing two fast or too slow, and I have no way to see this data when reviewing the data in SQL. To remedy this, I created a timer app that would run every millisecond and increment a counter. It would then check the stroke to see if it added any new points. When it registers that there's a new point, it would add their XY data and the counter's current value into a tuple, add that to a list, and save it to SQL.

However, Blender only reports when the stroke's point data has been added once you've lifted your pencil off the tablet. Now the timer can't collect the data of each point, but instead gets the stroke's entire data. Now I can't see when I've sped up or slowed down my line, and can't diagnose my drawing errors as well.

Is there any way to get a stroke's point data as I'm drawing the stroke?


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