I just started using Blender today.

I am trying to make a 3d render for my community's logo to use for animation and I need to figure out how to make the ring. So far I haven't been able to find anything to fix this. I hope someone here is able to help with this problem.

Here is what its supposed to look like

Need to find a way to add a hole to this circle.

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    $\begingroup$ press "i" to inset, then delete the inner circle (X > Faces). If you need to extrude, press E and extrude $\endgroup$
    – moonboots
    Jul 26 at 4:47

Here is the solution that moonboots proposed, it's easily done in two steps:

  1. Press I to inset the face. Move the mouse until the inner circle has the desired width of the ring. Left-click or Return to confirm the action.


  1. After insetting, the inner circle is automatically selected. Press X or Del and choose Faces from the Delete options.


And you're finished! Insetting is always a good tool if you want to create contours like that, especially on shapes that are more irregular than a square or circle, because extrude and scale usually doesn't work well if not all vertices have even distances from the center of scaling.



Here is one solution, step by step.

So if you are here:

circle with face in edit mode

  • press x. This will bring up a menu:

delete menu

  • select Only Faces.
  • tap a to select all again

enter image description here

  • tap e to extrude followed by s to scale and move your mouse. Moving towards the center scales inward, moving away scales outward.

  • when you had the size ring you want click the left mouse button to complete the operation.

This is the result:



For completeness sake, I will add a third method.

  • Switch to top view. (shortcut: Numpad 7)
  • Add a copy of your logo as a reference image (shortcut ShiftA and select Image→Reference. Pick your image file from the file browser.)

adding a reference image

  • Use Offset X and Offset Y in the image's properties to center it.

centering the reference image

  • Add a circle (shortcut ShiftA and select Mesh→Circle)
  • Enter Edit Mode (shortcut Tab)
  • Scale the circle to match the inner edge of the ring. (shortcut S, move the mouse, and click the left mouse button to complete.) At this point your 3D viewport will look something like this:

3D viewport with first circle

  • Add another circle and scale it to match the outer edge of the ring. (Same steps as the first, but entirely in Edit Mode.)
  • Select all (shortcut A)

both circles selected

  • Use the Edge menu to Bridge Edge Loops (shortcut CtrlE and select Bridge Edge Loops)

You will have your ring, properly scaled:

The final ring

At this point you can continue to use the reference image for the remainder of the logo or simply delete the Empty containing it.

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    $\begingroup$ I guess you could shorten your answer by skipping the part on how to add a reference image - obviously the OP has managed adding a reference image to the viewport and is in top view. $\endgroup$ Jul 28 at 6:17
  • $\begingroup$ Yes I could. I was just being very complete, in case someone came across the question and was curious on that point. $\endgroup$ Jul 31 at 22:36

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