I am using 2 blender addons, one is called "Assign Shape Keys" and the other is called "latex2blender" (this one needs to be downloaded, relevant links at the bottom in case you are curious. I was following the steps of this video to morph text:


I encountered a problem, normal text preserves it's fill when converted into a curve, then I can use the shape keys addon to animate the text. However when I use the LaTeX addon to write mathematical text, the animation still works but when I converted the text from a mesh to a curve, the text loses it's fill and converting it back to a mesh will lose the animation from shape keys. Of course if it has no fill it will not show in renders

I will include a file as an example, any answer is appreciated, I am willing to use a different method to get similar results or even a different application. Thank you for taking the time to read my question, sorry if there is an obvious answer I am not seeing.

I am having difficulty uploading the file sorry

(If you click into object data while selecting the figure, you can click on "Latex Figure in shape keys box, and then use the "value" slider to animate between 2 mathematical expressions) Animation


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