I have the following frame in Figma, in which I have a frame containing three rectangles:

  • the red one, called the Rectangle Top, which is the upper most in the "Hierarchy", meaning that it shows up above all the others.
  • The blue, called the Rectangle Middle, which is behinf the red rectangle but above the light blue one.
  • The light blue one, called Rectangle Bottom, which is behind the other two and thus at the bottom of the "hierarchy". enter image description here

If I export this to an svg, I obtain this: enter image description here

As you can see, the Svg Contains both the naming information under the "id" tag and also contains the information about the "Hierarchy" as the further down in the file an object is, the higher it is in the hierarchy.

But when I import this svg in blender using the default SVG importer, I get this: enter image description here enter image description here

Meaning, that the information about hierarchy is lost as all the planes are on the same Z position and this they clash when rendering, and the naming information is also lost as you can see from in the second image.

Is there a way to keep the object names and the hierarchy by for example offsetting the z position of the generated curve by 0.1 each step up? This would mean that the white frame would be at a Z position of 0.0, the light blue one would be at 0.1, the blue at 0.2 and the red at 0.3 removing the Z-clashing effect. Is this possible?


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