I've created volumetric clouds and tried to get them to have no or at lest usable noise, NO WAY!!!

I tried everything for 2 straight days now and I#m about to go up the walls....

I tried follow cgmatters tutorial here: cgmatter volumetric clouds tutorial

I've tried everything i could find..

enter image description here


-increase samples to 3000, still same.

-increase resolution to 8k, still the same.

-build the intel AI denoise in the compositor and let it denoise. the denoise simply skips some parts of the cloud so it looks broken and weird.cgmatter denoise tutorialenter image description here

-so i found this thread: blendexchange similar problem, reduced the step rate to 0.1! Guess what, renders much longer, as described, yes, but still noisy as hell... still the sameenter image description here

-I tried increasing the density, still the same.

Any help is appreciated BLEND FILE: Blend file


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